Saturday, 7 April 2012

Cheats Hollandaise and Sorrel Potatoes

Disappointingly the asparagus spears that have appeared are still not long enough to harvest, I put this down to the cooler days and nights this week- maybe by Easter Monday.
Reading up on asparagus recipes this week, amongst others, I came across a very good one for Duck Egg with Asparaugus Soldiers which sounded great and one for a cheats hollandaise made inside the egg!! Despite my lack of asparagus and a duck egg, I plowed on regardless, after all the purple sprouting broccoli was ready for picking and would make a great subsitute.

Cheats Hollandaise with Broccoli Soldiers.

Soft boil an egg (around 3 mins on a rolling boil).
While the egg is boiling steam some purple sprouting broccoli spears.
Just before the broccoli is cooked put a knob of butter, a dash of white wine vinegar, and a squeeze of lemon juice in a small container and place in the steamer to melt.
When the egg is cooked take off the top season with pepper and pour the melted ingredients into the soft yolk.
Serve immediately with the broccoli, rolled in melted butter, use the soldiers to mix the yolk into a cheats hollandaise inside the egg!

A great starter and i can't wait to try it with asparagus and maybe a duck egg.

To follow I had a steak with sorrel potatoes. To prevent the sorrel discolouring to the unappetising brown that it usually does, let the potatoes cool slightly first, then add butter and let melt, finally adding the shredded sorrel just before serving.
The sorrel aparently only discolours at a certain temperature so with a little practice and judgement you can get the potatoes down to a low enough temperature not to brown the sorrel but still hot enough to serve.
I must try this with sorrel soup sometime.

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